The Decalogue of the Students in the Superior Commercial School “Nicolae Kretzulescu”

Kretzulescu’s students feel, in a special way, the carriers of an invisible noble sign, that does not give them extra rights, but high duties: to be among the first that conquer the peaks of performance in the economical field.

  • Be proud that you are a student in this teaching institution.
  • Be yourself, trust your own strengths, be responsible for everything you are doing.
  • Learn, learn how to learn, don’t forget you are doing it for your own becoming.
  • In order to be respected, respect those next to you. Lean how to be kind, gentle and tolerant in any situation.
  • Don’t forget you are a valuable human being. You have the right to a beautiful life in school, one that you have to make it great yourself.
  • Learn how to have measure in everything. Prove what you are using your inner side, not your superficial, extravagant appearances.
  • Be a man of the modern time, but respect the eternal values of the humanity: truth, good, beauty, liberty, law, perseverance, democracy, tolerance, love.
  • Consider your teacher as a friend and partner in everything that makes you become yourself.
  • Involve yourself in your high school’s life. Permanently have attitude, express your opinions and objections civilized, materialize your initiatives. Only through permanent dialogue with everyone you can find better ways to fulfill your wishes.
  • Cultivate everything that is positive in you. Learn that existence and culture have no sense if they are not reflected in consciousness and behavior.